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Meblowyuchwyt Meblowyuchwyt


Project Description:

MeblowyUchwyt is an online store specializing in furniture accessories, offering a wide selection of furniture handles. Our role in this project was to create a modern and functional store that not only provides an easy and pleasant shopping experience for customers, but also highlights the uniqueness and professionalism of the MeblowyUchwyt brand.

Shoper Platform and Customization:

To achieve these goals, we decided to use the Shoper e-commerce platform. This platform provides not only a solid technical foundation, but also flexibility, allowing us to fine-tune the store to meet our client's unique needs. We opted for this solution due to the fact that the store sells exclusively on the Polish market, and relied on simple sales, without functionalities that would require a dedicated system, thus reducing maintenance costs. We took advantage of the ability to customize the template under the specifics of the MeblowyUchwyt industry to ensure consistency with the brand's vision.

Header Structure and SEO:

One of the key elements of optimizing the store was to improve the header structure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We implemented optimized headings, metatags and content to help the MeblowyUchwyt store gain better visibility in search results, increasing organic traffic to the site.


The result of our cooperation is an online store,, which not only presents products in an attractive way, but also provides intuitive and effective shopping tools for customers. Thanks to careful SEO optimization, the site has a chance to reach a wider group of potential customers, contributing to increased sales and brand recognition.

We're proud of this project and would be happy to share more details and other online store design projects. If you also need support in creating an online store or other online projects, feel free to contact us.



We are pleased to present a project in which we created a dynamic corporate website for the renowned aesthetic medicine clinic Estetikon. The entire project was based on the WordPress platform, and the customized template was created with the client's individual needs and vision in mind, according to the design provided to us.

Main Aspects of the Project:

Customized Template: As part of the project, we customized the existing website template to perfectly reflect the character and aesthetics of Estetikon Clinic. The matching colors, layout and graphic elements harmoniously match the client's unique style, according to the client's design.

WordPress Platform: The use of the WordPress platform made it possible to create a responsive and manageable site. The client has full control over the content, allowing for ongoing updates and the addition of new information.

Responsiveness: The design was created to adapt to different devices and screens. The site displays attractively on both computers, tablets and smartphones, which translates into a comfortable user experience for users.


The project for Estetikon Clinic is the result of a collaborative effort to create a unique and functional website that faithfully reflects the client's vision for the aesthetic medicine clinic.

Estetikon Estetikon

Abiconix Abiconix


Project description

In the project that we'd like to share with you, we had the pleasure of creating a virtual oasis for the French fashion accessories store, Abiconix. This advanced undertaking focused on translating the brand's distinctive style into the world of e-commerce. To achieve this, we not only needed to understand the client's needs by communicating in English but also collaborate with the French language.

Innovative Solutions

Virtual Fashion: Together with Abiconix, we dared to transport unique fashion accessories into the virtual space, allowing customers to explore the collection and make purchases anywhere, anytime.

Tailored Cutting: We designed a store template that was almost tailor-made for the brand. Our goal was not only to aesthetically delight but also to create a comfortable and intuitive online shopping experience.

Responsiveness: The template was crafted to adapt to various devices and screen sizes, enabling users to conveniently browse the assortment and place orders, regardless of the device.

The project of creating a fashion space for Abiconix posed a unique challenge, resulting in a beautiful and functional online store. By bringing in dedication, creativity, and meticulousness, we succeeded in transforming French fashion accessories into a global phenomenon just a click away.

SEO Optimization

Despite the language barrier, we undertook the task of optimizing the store for search engines. Carefully selecting keywords, meta tags, and ensuring proper header structure, our aim was to enhance the website's visibility in search results and achieve better rankings on result lists.





We're excited to share a project with you that encompasses the creation of a professional corporate website for Plantbe - a company specializing in plant-based food distribution. Leveraging the WordPress platform, we've crafted a customized template that beautifully encapsulates the brand's essence and objectives. Key Project


WordPress Platform: The Plantbe website was built on the robust WordPress platform, enabling flexible content management, product showcasing, and user interaction.

Tailored Aesthetics: Through meticulous template customization, we've ensured that the site's aesthetics harmonize seamlessly with Plantbe's visual identity. We fine-tuned colors, layouts, and graphic elements to establish a coherent and captivating design.

Responsiveness: Our template design prioritizes responsiveness, adapting gracefully to various devices and screen sizes. This affords users a comfortable browsing experience across computers, tablets, and smartphones alike.


Plantbe Plantbe